Cardboard Roll Heart Garland and Wreath

I found this cute idea by Jackie Currie on the web site. For young children you will need to do use the hot glue gun. But older children that are allowed to use a low heat glue gun can make the garland and wreath themselves. The kids can make the garland as short or as long as they like and the wreath as small so large as they like as well. The girls I care for loved decorating their bedrooms and playroom with the wreath and garland for Valentine’s Day.

You Will Need:

toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls
paint brushes
low-heat glue gun
string or yarn

What to Do:

1. I allowed the kids to paint the inside and outside of cardboard rolls anyway they liked.

2. After the paint dried I had the kids cut the cardboard rolls into strips.

3. Pinch the top of the cardboard roll down to create the two rounded bumps at the top of each cardboard strip to make a heart. Use a dot of hot glue to hold the heart in place.

4. Once the hearts are made lay out the design to make garland or a wreath. I used a plate to lay out the hearts to make a circular wreath.

5. Use hot glue to attach the hearts. Tie string to the ends of the garland or top of the wreath to hang.


Idea by Jackie Currie
Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg

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