Rainbow Pebbles

A preschooler I babysit for really loves playing with Rainbow Pebbles. They make a great holiday or birthday gift.

These lightweight, colorful stones with a smooth surface are a wonderfully tactile early math resource. The preschooler I care for is fascinated by the pebbles’ bright colors, odd shapes, and warm feel which makes stacking fun. She has been learning colors, shape recognition, counting, sorting, classifying, patterning, sequencing, construction, and stacking by playing with Rainbow Pebbles. I am using this toy as a hands-on teaching aid to help the child count, add, and subtract.

Young learners can also copy the activity cards or create their own 2D and 3D objects, buildings, and so much more.

You can purchase your own Rainbow Pebbles by clicking the links above. Don’t forget to check out all of my favorite nanny essentials at my storefront by clicking here.

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