Losing a Job During the Pandemic

In the sumner of 2020 I got sick from Covid and unexpectedly lost my long-term, full-time nanny job. I struggled with being alone in a small apartment during quarantine, I lost my financial security, and I questioned my self image as a career nanny during a difficult job search, (remember parents didn’t want new caregivers working in their homes for fear of spreading the virus).

That summer of 2020 I felt like life was happening to me, rather than being in control of my life. I felt like I was the only person experiencing job and financial insecurity. I also grieved not being able to have a proper good-bye to the children I had cared for since they were in Pre-K and a newborn.

But, even that summer I realized how much better I have it than many others. The entire world has experienced illness (and death) due to Covid. The entire globe is dealing with job insecurity. And the grief I felt missing the children I had cared for, just shows how much I loved them. Losing my nanny job would not have hurt so much if I hadn’t loved the children and the job so much.

Despite financial insecurity, I am pushing forward. I don’t mean to say I can snap my fingers and not feel nervous about my bills. I am just working at part-time nanny and babysitting jobs. Unfortunately, 16 months later I still feel like I am hemmoraging money and I no longer am saving.

But keeping busy by caring for kids by working as a nanny and babysitter has been the best medicine for me after losing a job during the pandemic.

If you have lost your nanny job I urge you to apply for unemployment benefits, apply for health insurance assistance via the healthcare marketplace, and emergency rental and mortgage assistance if needed immediately. Due to my change in income my health insurance premiums that were over $400 per month were covered after I lost my job.

I also recommend checking out Nanny Transitions by Glenda Propst and start caring for kids again as soon as possible. If you can’t find a job right away I recommend volunteering with children. Caring for children, who have a wonderful perspective of living in the moment, can help any nanny thrive again during any loss.

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