“A Book About Empathy” by Manuela Ocampo Mejia

It’s hard for some children to consider how their actions affect other people. That’s why I read “A Book About Empathy” with one of my Nanny Kids this week. The child was struggling saying ‘thank you’ and seeing things from her friends’ perspective during a change of plans.

When the child was happy and calm we read “A Book About Empathy” by Manuela Ocampo Mejia. “A Book About Empathy” is an eBook written for three- to 10 -year-olds.

A Book About Empathy” features Maddie, a four-year-old girl who is the book’s main character. Maddie is outgoing, bubbly and along her journey she encounters multiple characters and situations that helps her understand her own emotions and others. She goes on a journey to recognize empathy and share her learnings along the way with young readers.

Illustrated by Anastasiya Kioroglo, “A Book About Empathy” uses colorful illustration and simple narrative to tell the story of Maddie and her companions on a journey to understand and practice empathy.

The child I care for was so proud that she was able to understand how the characters felt in the eBook and why. Then I let her know how proud I was of her answers as well!

You can purchase the eBook by clicking the title of the book above. Don’t forget to click here to visit my storefront.

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