Halloween Spider Web Craft

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While many people decorate the outside of their homes with stretched cotton to look like spider webs on their bushes I like making this easy spider web craft with my Nanny Kids to decorate the inside their house for Halloween. Let the children help with every step of making this easy project. Preschoolers may not be able to the yarn look exactly like a spider web like older children can, but they will still be proud of their finished Halloween craft project.

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You Will Need:

Craft Sticks
Glue or Hot Glue Gun
Tempera Paint in Halloween Colors
Yarn in Halloween Colors
Optional: Spider Stickers

What to Do:

1. Paint the craft sticks in Halloween colors.

2. Once dry, glue the 3 craft sticks together as shown in photos.

3. Once the glue dries tie a long piece of yarn by making a knot close to the center of craft sticks.

4. Have the kids wrap yarn around the craft sticks. See photo as a reference.

5. Tie yarn at end to keep it secure and leave extra yarn to hang the spider web.

6. Allow the children to attach spider stickers to the webs.


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