Hanging Bat

This is such a fun Halloween craft to make with your Nanny Kids I found at the buggy and buddy web site. Make many of these and hang them up by their feet as the bats hang upside down all over the children’s playroom and bedrooms. You can make them in other colors like orange or brown if you like too. Be sure to read the children’s books about bats listed below when making this project. You can buy the supplies for this project by clicking the links in the blog or by clicking here to visit my storefront.

You Will Need:

Black and White Construction Paper
Toilet Paper Cardboard Tube
Black Chenille Stems
Googly Eyes
Single Hole Punch
Bat Wing Template

Children’s Books About Bats (listed below)

What to Do:

1. Cut out a rectangle out of black construction paper the length and width to cover the cardboard tube. Paste paper to the cardboard tube.

2. While the cardboard tube is drying, use the bat wing template to draw bat wings onto the black construction paper and cut them out.

3. Glue the wings onto the back of the cardboard tube.

4. Cut out some little triangles from construction paper to make ears. Glue the ears onto the bat.

5. Cut out little triangles from white paper to make the fangs. Glue the fangs to the bat.

6. Glue googly eyes to the bat.

7. Punch two holes in the bottom of the cardboard tube.

8. Cut a black pipe cleaner in half. Twist one end of each pipe cleaner through each punched hole.

Read some of these children’s books about below when making this project. Stellaluna, Bats at the Library, Nightsong, Superbat, The Bat Book, Fly Guy Presents: Bats, Bats in the Band, and Arabelle: The little bat with the most wonderful glasses.

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