Corn Starch Play Dough

The best nannies have projects and back up projects to do with the children each day so that the kids never get bored. This is one of the quickest boredom busters and easiest play dough recipes I have ever made. I love it because already had the ingredients in the kitchen. Click here to see how to make baking soda and cornstarch play dough. Click here to make pumpkin pie play dough. See how to make the best basic play dough and coffee play dough by clicking here.

You Will Need:

1/2 Cup Cornstarch
1/3 Cup Dish Soap
1 Tablespoon Water

What to Do:

1. Add your ingredients to a bowl and mix together.

2. The cornstarch dough should not be sticky, chalky, or crumbly. If it is sticky add a tiny bit of cornstarch. If it is dry add a tiny bit of water just a few drops at a time.

3. The dough should have a somewhat glossy surface and be soft! I suggest after the initial mixing, wash off hands and continue to knead the dough.

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