“The Day of the Bad Haircut” and Cutting Paper Hair

All kids I have ever met have cried at least once during or after getting a haircut. That’s why I have often borrowed The Day of the Bad Haircut by Eva Moore from the library. In The Day of the Bad Haircut Molly finally allows her mother to cut her hair, after weeks of protesting, but when the snipping is completed, a horrified Molly thinks that she now looks like a boy.

The kids also love making these little cardboard tube guys with paper hair to cut.

You Will Need:

Colored Paper
Toilet Paper Cardboard Rolls
Kids Scissors
Googly Eyes (optional)

What to Do:

1. Fold, then cut the colored paper in half.

2. Cut strips from the top of the paper leaving one to two inches of uncut paper on the bottom of the paper.

3. Glue one piece of colored paper to one cardboard tube. Repeat with all of the colored paper and tubes.

4. Use markers to create faces on the tubes. Glue on googly eyes if you have some.

5. Once dry, allow the kids to use safety scissors to cut the paper hair.

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