2021 US Nanny Association Parent and Nanny Conference: When a Crisis Happens, Accept the Challenge

Kenston Henderson Sr. is presenting the webinar, “Parenting Like a Boss: Totally Committed,” at the 2001 US Nanny Association Parent and Nanny Conferece. His webinar and books are helpful to nannies as well as parents. You can still register and watch over 40 webinars virtually until September 29, 2021 at https://www.usnanny.org/conference.

Mr. Henderson, Sr. explains in his workshop that since 2020 we have experienced a pandemic, racial unrest, and a heated political battle simultaneously. Despite what life may throw at us, he told us to make the decision that no matter what comes our way, we need to choose to be the awesome parents and nannies we were always meant to be.

During the Pandemic CDC found people have increased:

– Fear about your own health and loved ones
– Stress over jobs and finances
– Changes in sleeping and eating patterns
– Difficulty concentrating
– Worsening chronic health problems
– Worsening of mental healty conditions
– Use of tobacco, alcohol, and other substances

During the webinar he has us say aloud with him, “When a crisis happens, I accept the challenge.” He explains that resilience is the ability to bounce back from life circumstances. For example, we cannot avoid the stress of the pandemic — we must thrive through the stress.

Mr. Henderson, Sr. says that children can feel our energy. Our energy is our inner feelings and affects our quality of life. Being a balanced and healthy parent or nanny is essential to managing personal energy. We have to manage our energy throughout the day, even when in crisis or stress, to help our interactions with children throughout the day. It is hard to have high, positive energy all of the time but at least catch yourself if you are feeling negative and intentionally feel and show positive energy.

To see Kenston Henderson’s entire webinar you can still register and watch over 40 webinars virtually until September 29, 2021 by visiting https://www.usnanny.org/conference.

Mr. Henderson, Sr. is a motivational speaker, corporate trainer and accomplished musician with two instrumental albums Breathe (2016) and Oasis (2018). In 2018, he also wrote the book PARENTING Like a BOSS: Intentionally Committed which landed on Amazon’s Best Seller list. Mr. Henderson is the Training & Development Coordinator with the City of Columbus and the founder and CEO of Live with Lyfe, LLC and livewithlyfe.com. Kenston is a certified John Maxwell team member and Culture Transformation Champion.

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