The Long-Term Nanny Job Reference Dilemma

Long-Term Nannies Must Increase Their Number of Job References

Over the past 28 years of working as a nanny all industry experts have always told me that working with the same family for a long time is an asset. Parents typically want to hire nannies that will continue to work for their family for many years. But, a common dilemma for nannies that work for only one family long-term, is that in-home childcare providers need more than one recent job reference.

Even though many nannies may not need the extra income to babysit, I highly recommend nannies still babysit on the side for other families to ensure recent childcare references for their next job search.

For example, my job references are stellar. But, during my last job search I learned job recruiters really aren’t interested in contacting a nanny employer I worked for in the 1990s. Nanny placement agencies want two or three recent job references.

Although it always looks good to stay at a nanny position long-term, nanny candidates need at least three recent job references. I recommend full-time nannies be sure to babysit on the side so they can use those parents as job references during their next job search.


  1. Kathie Bergen-Grove says:

    I very rarely disagree on here but I emphatically will now- OH NO! Burn ourselves out just for references sake? I am a 30 year nanny and have NEVER found it necessary to have several references. Granted I usually have families waiting for me to be free, except me at 1st interview or hire from word of mouth – no matter how distant my references. I do understand- of course- why extra babysitting would be an asset but my families usually depend on my availability ,plus I like to sleep, clean , relax on days off!

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