Give the Pigeon a Bath!

Creative Wednesdays

My six-year-old Nanny Kid absolutely loves any book by Mo Willems. Her current favorite book by the beloved author is The Pigeon Needs a Bath!. So we just had to make a fun craft to correspond with her current obsession.

We made a dirty paper pigeon on one side and a clean pigeon on the other. Than we made a tub out of one and a half paper plates. Have the dirty Pigeon slide into the bath and come out clean.

In this Pigeon book the main character doesn’t think he really needs a bath. Pigeon feels that taking a bath is a “matter of opinion.” “Clean” and “dirty” are “just words, right?” Pigeon rationalizes his decision while forcefully questioning those who might even suggest that his personal hygiene and the flies buzzing around are not just “coincidental.”


He says the water might be “too hot…not deep enough…too cold…or too wet,” but it only takes a 30 tiny frames and a dramatic large-font pages before Pigeon grandly displays the myriad possibilities for a happy bird in the bath.

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You Will Need:

The Pigeon Needs a Bath!
2 Paper Plates
Blue or Purplish Paper
Yellow Paper
White Paper
Black and Brown Crayon or Marker
Elmers Glue

In Bath

What to Do:

1. Fold one paper plate in half and cut it in half.

2. Glue the half paper plate to the full paper plate. (See image above for reference).

3. Cut out a blue circle for the head of the pigeon. Cut out a larger half of a circle for Pigeon’s body. Cut out a rectangle for Pigeon’s neck. (See photos above for reference).

4. Cut out two small rectangles to paste on both sides of Pigeon’s neck. Cut out two small circles from white paper for both sides of Pigeon’s eye. Draw on a black pupil onto both eyes.

5. Cut out two little triangles from yellow paper to make Pigeon’s beak.


6. Allow the child to paste the Pigeon together. Remember Pigeon needs to have one eye and white band on both sides. (See images above as reference).

7. Have the child use a brown crayon or marker to make Pigeon dirty on one side.

8. Let the child dip Pigeon in the paper plate bath and flip him over to come out clean.

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