Raising an Organized Child by Damon Korb, MD, FAAP

Weekly Trip to the Library

The philosophy of Raising an Organized Child: 5 Steps to Boost Independence, Ease Frustration, and Promote Confidence by Damon Korb is that organized children are raised, not born.

I know in my own adult, personal life when I feel good my home tends to be tidy. When things are chaotic in my life I am more prone to misplace things or have clutter. Ensuring everything has its place and maintaining and organization system reduces wasted time, anxiety, and unneeded stress.

Speaking with pediatric behavioral therapists that worked with my Nanny Kids over the years confirms that organization helps reduce stress and anxiety for children of all ages. But, helping teach organization to those with poor executive function, as often see with children diagnosed with ADHD, is most helpful. Organizational skills really help build confidence in children when they can accomplish more without parental or caregiver nagging.

The author shows us that organized thinking in a child helps with concrete concerns (such as a tidier bedroom and getting homework in their backpack) and building critical life skills like learning to plan and grasping the big picture.

Dr. Korb’s offers 5 Steps to Raising an Organized Child:

1. be consistent
2. introduce order
3. give everything its place
4. practice forward thinking
5. promote problem solving

Raising an Organized Child presents specific activities for a child’s age and developmental level to improve executive function. No matter if a child is just an average chaotic kid or struggling with additional challenges like ADHD, you can help boost the child’s organization and lower your frustration with Dr. Korb’s guidance.

It’s a very easy read. Very short, nicely organized, and easy to understand.

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