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Bamboo plates are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic, melamine, or ceramic plates. Bamboo is lightweight, yet heavy duty. There are no harmful chemicals used to create bamboo tableware and they are recyclable and biodegradable. Bamboo plates are microwave-safe and remain cool to the touch. Fun-shaped bamboo dishes make toddler meals enjoyable. Some brands of bamboo tableware are dishwasher safe.

Amazon is a great place to buy children’s dishes because they make pricing clear and they also offer what they call the Amazon Family Program. It’s the perfect way to get the most out of your money, as it provides members with 20% off of subscriptions.

Here are some of our favorite bamboo dishes and tableware:

BABY K Bamboo Baby Plates with Suction and Toddler Utensils Set

Choose from a fox, bunny, or sheep bamboo plate for babies and toddlers. These fun animal-shaped shallow, divided plates makes it easy for kids to reach out and grab whatever they’re most interested in eating! These plates have a suction cup to keep the plates stable on a high chair or table. The spoon included is made using BPA and PVC free food grade silicone, ensuring that no harmful chemicals enter the baby’s mouth. The non-detachable silicone tip poses no choking risk as well. You don’t have to worry about bamboo baby utensils scraping a baby’s gums or teeth. The super soft and chewable silicone utensil tip is great for self-feeding babies and will not bruise their gums.

Homevibes Owl Bamboo Baby Suction Plate and Spoon Set

The Owl Baby Bamboo Plate includes a strong suction bottom that securely adheres the plate to any smooth surface. The separately sold bamboo spoons are tipped in matching silicone to be soft on baby’s gums and protect new teeth. When meal time is over, simply lift the plate’s suction base release tab, wash everything by hand in warm, soapy water and you are ready for the next feeding. Choose from seven beautiful colors, suitable for either boys or girls: blue; yellow; red; purple; pink; orange; green. Please note that bamboo is not suitable for microwave oven or dishwasher.

Avanchy Bamboo Baby Plates

This beautifully crafted Avanchy baby plate features a no-slip silicone ring for cleaner, happier feeding sessions. This bamboo suction plate has 3 perfectly portioned compartments for balanced meals: the main compartment is for vegetables, the top left is for proteins, and the top right is for carbohydrates. The silicone suction rings make for easy eating and even easier cleanup. They come in a variety of fun colors and are interchangeable with other Avanchy bamboo baby dish sets. The Avanchy Baby Spoon is made of natural bamboo and has a BPA-free, food grade silicone tip that is gentle on tender gums.

Bobo&Bo Children’s Dinnerware

If you are looking to try bamboo, need a gift, or simply just want one or two sets for your Nanny Kids, these bamboos dinner sets are great. There are a large range of bright, minimalistic, plant based dinnerware options that can be used and enjoyed by all members of the family. The snack bowls are the perfect size for serving for little tummies, with handy flaps for holding. The Divided Plates are a bento-style dinnertime winner and you can buy those individually.

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