“Rainbow Fish” by Marcus Pfister and Project

Weekly Trip to the Library

The Rainbow Fish is an international best-seller and a modern classic children’s book. The Rainbow Fish is vain and thinks he’s better than the other fish because he is so beautiful. He is lonely and without admirers until a wise female octopus advises him to give away his scales. The Rainbow Fish then discovers that sharing brings happiness and acceptance. He learns that being the most beautiful fish is not what is really important. He learns that superficial qualities such as beauty and wealth cannot be valued over friendship and happiness. Children love the colors and how the rainbow scales glitter.

Make a Rainbow Fish

You Will Need:

Aluminum Foil
Cotton Swabs

What to Do:

1. Protect the work surface.

2. With a pencil draw a fish shape on the foil and cut it out with a pair of scissors.

3. Let the child paint the foil with rainbow colors.

4. Allow the child to use cotton swabs to draw designs on their fish through the paint to expose the glittery foil underneath the paint.

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