Swirling Paper Plate Ghost

img_6144Creative Wednesdays

I found this super easy and inexpensive Halloween craft at easypeasyandfun. Depending on the age of the child they can make the project by themselves or you can help them where needed. But let them draw the expressions on the ghosts. Make a bunch of swirling ghosts and hang them on a porch, the kids’ playroom, or bedrooms and watch them spin.

You Will Need:

2 White Paper Plates
Black Marker
Thread and Needle

What to Do:

1. Take a large paper plate and start cutting it with scissors in a spiral manner towards the middle. You can use a pencil and draw where you want the kids to cut the plate with safety scissors too.

2. Cut off the edge of another paper plate to make it a smaller head.

3. Let the kids draw an expression on the smaller paper plate and glue it onto the center point of the now swirly cut larger paper plate.

4. Attach a thread on the ghost’s head and watch it swirl.


Project from easypeasyandfun
Photo by Stephanie Felzenberg

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