The Modern Day Resume with Daniel Butcher of My Nanny Resume

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By Stephanie Felzenberg

Due to Covid-19 I was recently laid off. It has been 12 years since I last interviewed for a nanny job. I noticed there are many differences looking for a job in 2020 than the last time I job searched over a decade ago — and during a pandemic.

The first major difference is the need of an electronic resume. During my job search in 2007 I printed my black and white resume on expensive, heavy weight paper. Yet, during the pandemic I haven’t even handed anyone a printed paper resume.

In this more modern age, (and during a pandemic), resumes need to be sent to nanny placement agencies and parents via email.

Daniel Butcher

In fact, Daniel Butcher of My Nanny Resume explains, “Almost every initial interaction with a potential family these days takes place electronically.”

I personally don’t have the skills to make a stellar electronic resume so I asked My Nanny Resume for help. The first nanny placement agency I spoke to said it was the best resume she had seen submitted in the her five years as an agency owner. If you need help making your resume My Nanny Resume can help you too.

When creating an electronic resume Butcher recommends your resume be presented in PDF version. But he says, “It’s good to keep a Microsoft Word version also, in case changes need to be made.”

But, Butcher admits there are plenty of reasons to print your resume too, “I always say to take printed copies to interviews, one for each interviewer, and one for yourself on nice paper, with a little weight.”

Butcher says, “a picture can be worth a thousand words!” So, he can make you a color resume with your photo on it. But, more importantly, he believes your nanny resume should contain more ‘heart’ than a typical resume. As a nanny placement agency owner he knows how to market nannies to show parents how dedicated and passionate they are for their chosen profession.

Butcher believes modern resumes need links. He recommends nannies not only link their email addresses to their electronic resumes but to link as much information as possible. If you purchase his Dynamic Resume, (see prices below), My Nanny Resume can link to your courses and certificates, colleges attended, to reviews, letters of recommendation, and more to your electronic resume.

When I asked him what nannies shouldn’t include on their resumes, Butcher told me there shouldn’t be a hint of negativity anywhere on a resume. Don’t include anything that breaches a Non-Disclosure Agreement or confidentiality contract you have signed. Never include your prior employer’s full names, addresses, or contact details. Never include your age, your full address, drivers license, social security, or passport numbers. If you share a picture of yourself with children on your resume, make sure you have permission from the parents to share the photo.

Most importantly he says, “Make your resume the start of the interviewers journey, whilst keeping everything in one concise location.”

My Nanny Resume Services and Prices:


My Nanny Resume offers a free service in which they create a five minute video showing how they can improve your resume.

$9.99 DIY Service

You provide the information and My Nanny Resume lays out a beautiful resume from your chosen template. You don’t pay until you’re completely satisfied.

$29.99 Custom Build Resume

Choose from over 700 templates. Simply send your old resume to revamp and My Nanny Resume will update it.

$39.99 Expedited Build Resume

For $39.99 you get the Custom Build Resume within 24 hours!

$129.99 Dynamic Resume

The Dynamic Resume is the most informative, concise, visually appealing resume with links — perfect for sharing online and to stand out from everyone else.

My Nanny Resume is also preparing WordPress design classes and tutorial videos for nannies to learn how to design their own website; branded to their personality.

Looking for jobs during a pandemic is very challenging. I highly recommend My Nanny Resume as an inexpensive way to get the job search started with a professional, modern, nanny resume.

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