Books by Mark Loewen

Weekly Trip to the Library

Mark Loewen met the love of his life and a few years later they became dads through open adoption.

Raising a girl opened his eyes to the unique challenges girls and women experience in today’s world. He wanted to support his daughter the best way he could, knowing that as a male, he wouldn’t share many of her experiences. So he started researching and learning more about raising girls.

His first children’s book What Does A Princess Really Look Like? was released in 2018. The book tells the story of a girl’s journey to expanding her concept of a princess. Her dads help her understand that though a girl can be anything she wants, she doesn’t need to be everything, and she certainly doesn’t need to be perfect.

The coloring book The True Colors of a Princess Coloring Book is a great companion to the book What Does A Princess Really Look Like? The coloring pages encourage kids to think beyond the stereotype of a princess and find strength and courage inside themselves.

Princesses can be smart, kind, brave, assertive, and determined. Princesses look all kinds of ways. They come from all parts of the world, and from all kinds of families.

Young artists will also meet the princess Chloe’s dads who help her learn that nobody, not even a princess, needs to be perfect.

 The True Colors of a Princess Coloring Book is filled with messages of empowerment, diversity, and equality.

Being a gay father, the author was able to find LGBTQ books to read to his daughter, but finding coloring books was a challenge. The pictures usually had mommies and daddies but never two dads or two moms. He wanted his daughter to know that each family was normal.

The True Colors of Family Coloring Book (Celebrating LGBT Families)and My Dads and Me Coloring Book feature coloring pages of families with two moms, two dads, single parents, and even childless families. These coloring pages show what all loving families have in common. Families love having fun together!

Kids can add their own colors to the families in the coloring book as they enjoy playing outside, ride rollercoasters, make a mess in the kitchen, take care of their pets, and celebrate their favorite holidays.

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