Free Black Lives Matter Coloring Book

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With Black Lives Matter protests not only in the US but around the world there have been a lot of misconceptions about the civil rights movement. It is difficult to explain systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter movement to adults — so it can be even harder to explain it to children, tweens, and teens.

The Black Lives Matter movement is often misunderstood and can be a very polarizing topic. So I recommend gauging your employers feelings about the Black Lives Matter movement before discussing the topic with their children. When in doubt you should remain neutral while working and not discuss religion or politics on the job.

But if the parents support teaching their children about Black Lives Matters I found this coloring book that is designed to help parents in their conversations about race and the core values of Black Lives Matter with their children.

This book allows kids to colorfully and creatively relate the 13 principles of Black Lives Matter.

This book was created as part of Black Lives Matter At School by educators to bring these ideas to the classroom in an age appropriate way to children. I thinks it’s appropriate for school-aged, older children, tweens, and teens.

Click here to download and print the coloring book for free.

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