Matching Lower Case and Upper Case Letters Game

Creative Wednesdays

Here’s a quick and easy project I made with my Nanny Kids. We simply recycled a cardboard egg carton and used plastic spoons they had left over from a party their family had last summer. Since it was a huge egg carton with more than 26 eggs I added some numbers to the game as well. I think smaller styrofoam egg cartons might work even better.

You Will Need:

Egg Carton
Plastic Spoons
Permanent Markers

What to Do:

1. Turn an empty egg carton upside down. Cut a little slit at top of each individual egg holder, (see photo).

2. Write a capital letter on each individual egg holder.

3. Write a lower case letter on back of each spoon.

4. Allow the child to match the lower case letter to the upper case letter by sticking the handle of the spoon in the correct upper case letter slot on the egg carton.


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