Paper Plate Masks

Creative Wednesdays

If you have some paper plates and a printer at work this is a fun project to do with kids this week. I let my Nanny Kids pick out which animal masks they wanted to make from Then let the kids use their imaginations to play with the animal masks. We made up plays and movies with the masks. Your Nanny Kids might like to have a parade or pretend to be animals the zoo.

You Will Need:

Paper Plates
Printer Paper
Safety Scissors
Glue Stick
Hole Punch
Ribbon or Yarn

What to Do:

1. Visit the web site and print out templates of the animals the children would like to make.

2. While the kids color the templates have an adult cut out two holes from the paper plates for the children’s eyes so they can see when wearing the masks.

3. Help the children cut out the templates and paste them to the paper plates.

4. Hold up the masks to the children’s faces to figure out where to punch out a hole on either side of the paper plate to string yarn or ribbon through to tie around the children’s heads and wear while they play.


Templates at
Photo by Stephanie Felzenberg

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