How Nannies Going to Work Can Stay Healthy During the Pandemic

I had a virtual doctor’s appointment this weekend to discuss my staying healthy during the coronavirus pandemic. Since everyone has a different medical history be sure to consult with your own doctor for their advice on the best ways you can stay healthy.

Here is my doctor’s advice given to me to boost my immunity, reduce my anxiety, and how to avoid getting Covid-19 while working as a nanny:

1. Social Distancing

• Each day keep a list of the date and name of anyone I come within 6-feet distance. l should never come within contact with more than 10 people within a 14-day period. Consider yourself quarantined to others until all people on the list remains asymptomatic for 14-days.

• If your Nanny Family has a contractor, plumber, or electrician in their home that person should be added to the list. Having contractors cannot be avoided in emergencies but when possible postpone non-essential work in the home. Allowing contractors in the home is not properly following quarantine recommendations in the state that I live in.

• If I must go to grocery store my doctor recommends limiting shopping to once every two-weeks.

2. Use Masks, Gloves, Wipes and Wash Hands Properly

• Wash hands often. Click here for a link on how to wash hands properly.

• After shopping remove disposable gloves properly before getting into the car and put them in plastic bag to throw out. Use hand sanitizer immediately and an antiseptic wipe on door handles (inside and out), steering wheel, and seats you touch immediately. Repeat after getting home. Don’t touch the mask until you arrive home. At that time remove the mask and discard in plastic bag immediately and wash hands thoroughly.

• Leave groceries outside of house at least 2 hours if possible. Spray packaging with antiseptic spray or use disinfecting wipes on grocery packages because the virus can live on surfaces.

• Clean produce with water and soap or water and vinegar. Never use bleach or antiseptic on food. Vinegar removes bacteria, not the virus, but it is unlikely the virus lives in food. Washing fruit and veggies with water and vinegar will remove bacteria from other people’s hands.

• Spray mail and packages with antiseptic spray and best to wait at least 24- hours before opening.

3. Boost Immunity:

• Take these supplements daily:

Vitamin C (Ester C is more gentle on stomach)
Vitamin D
Probiotic (yogurt)

• Eat healthy with plenty of citrus and plant based diet with variety of colors.

• Avoid sugar because it decreases immune system.

• Get a good night’s sleep. Sleep builds the immune system and is when the body removes toxins and repairs muscles.

• Exercise at least 20 minutes twice per day while listening to happy, upbeat music. Both music and exercise builds endorphins which helps us feel better and builds immunity.

• Watch funny videos, movies, television shows and read funny books to increase endorphins which builds immunity.

• Limit or avoid television news. Bad news increases stress which increases cortisol. Cortisol decreases immunity.


  1. Great advice!

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