Leprechaun Paper Bag Puppets

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Even the most creative nannies need to go online to find resources for projects to do with the kids sometimes. This week I visited abcteach.com to find templates for leprechaun paper bag puppets to make with the kids. Just click this link to print four leprechauns and accesories includeing a harp, shamrock, and pot of gold for the kids to color, cut, then paste onto brown paper bags.

You Will Need:Best Nanny Newsletter Puppet

Lunch Sized Paper Bags
Templates from abcteach.com
Crayons and Markers
Paste or Glue Sticks

What to Do:

1. Print the templates at abcteach.com
2. Allow kids to color them coloring sheets.
3. Allow kids to cut out the leprechaun body parts and clothing. Younger kids may need some help with this.
4. Help kids glue the leprechaun’s heads to top flap of paper bag lining the lip with bottom of flap.
5. Line up the bottom of the face with the lips under the flap of top of head.
6. Continue to paste the rest of leprechaun body parts onto the paper bags.

1. abcteach.com
2. Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg


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