From Grapes to Jelly by Bridget Heo

Weekly Trip to the Library

I love “The Who Made My Lunch” series of children’s books that takes readers on the journey of common household foods travel from farm, to factory, to table.

After reading From Grapes to Jelly be sure to make some recipes using jelly. Allow the kids to spread jelly on their morning toast, bagel, or scone and serve them a peanut butter jelly sandwich for lunch. Click here to see a recipe for easy jam crescent rolls that my Nanny Kids absolutely love too.

Learn how grapes are made into jelly and peanuts are made into peanut butter. With clear process explanations and charming illustrations, this series answers the questions of curious and hungry kids.

In From Grapes to Jelly a child wonders where jelly comes from and learns about the jobs of a grape farmer and workers in a jelly factory. This illustrated narrative nonfiction book includes a map of where Concord grapes are grown, glossary, and further resources.

Detailed information coupled with revealing and inviting illustrations by Stephanie Fizer Coleman enhance the learning experience.

You can purchase your own copy of From Grapes to Jelly by clicking any of the links above or below:

From Grapes to Jelly

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