Paper Plate Abraham Lincoln


President’s Day Craft

Presidents’ Day is a federal holiday on the third Monday in February in the United States. Years ago I bought a “Paper Plate People” by Frank Schaffer Publications to learn how to make a paper plate Abraham Lincoln with my young elementary school-aged Nanny Kids for President’s Day.

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most popular presidents in U.S. history. He is known for wearing a black top hat and he had dark brown hair and beard, (no mustache), that looked black in photos of the time, and blue eyes.

I drew and cut out the hat, eyes, ears, beard, and hair for little kids and let them paste the pieces of paper to the paper plate. I allow older children to trace, cut, color, and paste the pieces of paper to the paper plate themselves.

img_3294You Will Need:

White Paper Plate
Black Paper
White Paper

What to Do:

1. Follow the photo above to draw a hat, eyes, ears, beard, and bow onto white and colored papers. Use markers and crayons to color beard, hat, and eyes where necessary. Draw blue pupils on the eyes.

2. Turn the paper plate upside down on a covered work surface.

3. Glue the hair and beard onto the plate as seen in the photo above.

4. Glue ears to the sides of the head, on top of the beard.

5. Glue eyes to the face.

6. Glue red bow tie under the plate at the bottom.

7. Draw a nose, eyebrows, and mouth on the face.

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