Summer is Summer by Phillis and Davis Gershato

Weekly Trip to the Library

If the kids say they are bored this summer, visit the library and borrow Summer Is Summer by Phillis and Davis Gershato.

The main characters in the book don’t need expensive vacations, video games, iPads, or cell phones to to enjoy the summer. The children enjoy all the basic summer traditions and will inspire your nanny kids to do the same.

“A rose is a rose is a rose” by Gertrude Stein serves as the poetic structure for this rhyming book.

Two brothers and sisters explore a variety of summertime activities. They play near a creek and a beach, attend a baseball game, visit an amusement park at night, and enjoy fireflies on a starry night. They sip pink lemonade under a tree in the heat of the day and ice cream cones on the front porch in the evening.

The beautiful watercolors by Sophie Blackall show summer from the perspective of the children. For example, two girls on the cover illustration are enjoying swinging on a wooden seat, but they are swinging higher than the kites that their brothers are flying, conveying the magical quality of childhood’s sunny summer days.

You can purchase your own copy of Summer Is Summer by clicking any of the links above or below:

Summer Is Summer


  1. Wonderful! I really love your opinion and your writing style on it.
    I enjoy your work so much that I have subscribed to your blog. 🙂

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