Secret Code Wheel

55b4d305-4245-428a-b85a-91e34d97ce2bCreative Wednesday

Let the kids pretend to be secret agents and uncover messages left in code. It’s easy to make a Secret Code Maker for the kids with circles cut out of poster board or with two small paper plates. Follow the instructions and images below so you and the kids can make secret messages for one another.

You Will Need:

Poster Board or 2 Small Paper Plates
Pencil and Pen
Brass Paper Fastener (or we used needle and yarn)

What to Do:

1. Cut two 6-inch circles from poster board or use two small paper plates.
2. Cut out a 1/2-inch V-shape and 1/2-inch-round window in one of the circles as shown in image above.
3. Attach the wheels with a brass fastener. We used a needle and yarn because we didn’t have any brass fasteners available. Just knot the ends of the yarn on both sides of the Secret Code Maker if you use yarn to secure the circles.
4. Write the letter “A” in the V-shape and a different letter in the circle window. Keep turning the wheel as you fill in the letters of the alphabet in the V-shape and the circle window.
5. Fold a piece of writing paper in half. Write the secret code message for the child on the top half of the paper. Using a ruler and pen make a line to create a blank space for each letter on the bottom half of the paper.
6. The child should use the code maker to match the letters on top of paper in the V-shape to reveal the actual letter for the message. Have the child write each letter in the circle window on the paper.


365 Art and Craft Activities

Photos by Stephane Felzenberg

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