“Mossy” by Jan Brett and Activities

img_5790Weekly Trip to the Library

Mossy is an eastern box turtle who loves the pond so much that she spends all of her time there. Moss, plants, and flowers begin to take root on her shell. Dr. Carolina and her niece Tory are thrilled to find Mossy in the reeds, and they take her up to their museum, where she quickly becomes a great success. Covered with ferns, berries, mushrooms, and flowers Mossy is a glorious sight to behold. What Dr. Carolina doesn’t realize, though, is that Mossy was very happy in the pond where she was and that Mossy had just fallen in love! Intricate borders replete with color and detail show the garden, Dr. Carolina’s museum and people in Edwardian dress, as Mossy’s fame grows to great heights. It’s young Tory who realizes that Mossy looks unhappy, and she gives her aunt an idea that saves the day and helps set Mossy free.

When you finish reading the book ask the child in your care:

* What makes Mossy a special turtle?
* What does it mean that Mossy makes Scoot’s heart beat fast?
* Why does Dr. Carolina think Mossy is perfect for her museum?
* Why isn’t Mossy happy in the museum even though she has everything she needs?
* Why does Dr. Carolina have two artists paint Mossy’s picture?
* How does this story end well for everyone?


Cut and Paste Your Own Mossy and Garden

Lily Pad Pond Coloring Page

Model Magic Mossy and the Animal Garden

Mossy Bookmarks

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