Fingerprint Christmas Lights


Creative Wednesday

This is an easy project to do with your nanny kids of any age this holiday season. Allow the children to decide if they want place the Christmas lights in random order or in a pattern. Older kids can write a holiday greeting and sign the cards themselves. I found this project on img_4518

You Will Need:

Card Stock Paper
Black Sharpie Marker
Finger Paints

What to Do:img_4520

1. Use a black sharpie and draw a line on card stock with swirls in it. Then draw little squares along the line spaced out to be the bottom of the Christmas light bulbs.

2. Allow the child dip their pointer finger in different colors and push them right above the black squares.

3. Help them write holiday greeting and sign their names to the cards.


Idea from

Photo by Stephanie Felzenberg

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