Giving Kids Food to Feel Better Leads to the Bad Habit of Emotional Eating

Nanny Confessions

I confess, I’ve done it. I have promised kids a cookie after they get a vaccination or handed them a Popsicle to get them to stop crying after skinning their knees.

And I’ve done it to myself. When my date has blown me off I eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s to feel better.

A study by Norwegian and British scientists shows if we use food for comforting or rewarding children, they will learn the habit of eating to comfort or reward oneself and create unhealthy coping skills for life.

In an article by we learn that “Emotional feeding” is what parents do when they provide foods or beverages to their children to calm them down, such as when a child is having a tantrum.

The obvious result of emotional eating is overweight children and adults because these habits learned in childhood.

Breaking the emotional eating habit has been a constant struggle for me. This study helps remind me not to emotionally feed my nanny kids so they don’t have the same struggle as they age.



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