How Nannies Can Use Minimalsim 

How Minimalism Impacts Kids

After seeing the film, “Minimalism: A Documentary” on Netflix and following the Allie Cazazza minimalism blog I have been decluttering, cleaning out, and donating material items from my home. Now, I am convinced it’s time to do the same with my nanny kids’ playrooms and bedrooms.

Allie Cazazza shows us by decluttering toys, choosing outside play over screen time, and leading by example kids will have more playful and wild imaginations, creativity, have stronger relations with one another, and be happier in general.

Effects of Minimalism on Kids by Allie Cazazza:

1. Lack of Entitlement
2. Gratitude
3. Playfulness and wild imaginations
4. Social skills
5. Stronger relationships with each other
6. Creativity
7. They’re happier in general
8. An awareness of community needs and charitable giving
9. The desire to be outside most of the time
10. Everything is calmer

Since my Mom Boss already encourages me to throw out broken toys and donate unused clothes and toys I have been having my nanny kids help me decide which toys to donate. 

But, you will need to get your employers permission before decluttering, of course. I would recommend asking if you can throw out broken toys first. Then ask if you can donate old clothing and toys to younger kids you know or charitable organizations. The parents can also sell bigger items like bicycles online or in local want ads.
I recommend starting by reading Allie Cazazza’s article “How Minimalism Impacts Kids” and her entire blog for inspiration.

I truly believe you and your nanny kids can have a calmer and stronger relationship if you can truly declutter and minimize their material possessions.

How to Implement Minimalism in the Home:

1. Declutter the Toys
2. Choose outside time over screen time
3. Play with your kids sometimes (but let them learn how to keep themselves entertained too)
4. Conscious consumerism
5. Lead by example


1. Allie Cazazza How Minimalism Impacts Kids

2. Minimalism: A Documentary

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