How to Determine if You Deserve a Holiday Bonus

Nanny Holiday Bonuses

On our Be the Best Nanny Newsletter Facebook page some nannies were upset the other day that some in-home child caregivers expect a generous Christmas bonus at the end of each year.

If you have high expectations you will likely get disappointed. And if you aren’t working hard or taking advantage of your employers, you certainly shouldn’t expect a higher than average Christmas bonus.  

Although it is a custom in America for parents to give nannies a holiday bonus of approximately one week salary, most of our newsletter readers agree the amount ought to be based on job performance.

If You Want a Good Bonus this Year Consider the Following:

1. Are you reliable and show up to work on time?
2. Are you reasonably flexible and willing to arrive early when needed or stay late as needed?
3. Are you warm, caring, and patient with the children in your care?
4. Do you show an interest in the children?
5. Are the kids happy and confident in your presence and due to your influence?
6. Are the kids calm or even happy to see you each day (other than some separation anxiety which is natural at certain stages of development)?
7. Are the kids proud of the activities you do together?
8. Do you pick up the kids from activities on time?
9. Are you comfortable to admit you made a mistake or had an accident?
10. Do you try to think of creative solutions to problems?
11. Do you keep the children generally clean?
12. Do you do your best to schedule your personal errands and doctor appointments for time-off when you aren’t working?
13. Do you follow the parents directives for raising their kids, even if you may not always agree?

If You Answer “Yes” to the Following Questions You Do Not Deserve a Generous Bonus:

1. Do you come in late and have to leave early often?
2. Do you scold the children a lot and not enjoy their company?
3. Do you get annoyed about the children’s uniqueness, interests, and activities?
4. Do you feed the kids foods the parents wish you wouldn’t because it’s easier?
5. Do you blame the parents for problems with the children, home, or the job in front of the children or to others?
6. Are the kids sad, unhappy, or cry when left with you (beyond natural separation anxiety)?
7. Do you just let the kids watch television and play electronic games instead of getting involved in creative play with them?
8. Do you blame everyone else for accidents and mistakes?
9. Are you unwilling to help pick up the children’s play areas?
10. Do you drag kids along on your personal errands during working hours?

Reference: A few years ago I wrote a version of this article for parents to help them determine if their nanny deserves a generous holiday bonus. I am uncertain who I wrote it for or where it was published. But that version is posted elsewere online.


  1. Gina bayhon says:

    Will i think my employer never think about me i almost work 24/7 with 2 kids 4 n 2 years old but if talking about bunos they only give me 2 bottle of hand body cream or cream shower i’ve beed working for them almost 6 years everytime i talk to all my friend about them sometimes i just cry coz i always thingking why they never appreciate how hard i work i think i most deserve to have a bunos same to all my friends

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