Avoid EZ Santa Letters Scam!

Make Your Own Santa Letters

Beware of EZ Santa Letters and any online business has no phone number or mailing address!

Like a dummy I ordered a santa letter fromEZ Santa Letters for my nanny kid that never arrived. And as I should have expected they have never responded to my complaints or refunded my money because they only have an email address to contact the fake business.

They never responded even when I tried contacting them via their FB page and social media.

I urge everyone to make sure any website business has a phone number and real address prior to purchase.

But the good news is It only took me half an hour to make my own Santa letters for my nanny kid. And it was a huge success. She and her friends were thrilled!

This is what I did:

1. Google “free Santa letterhead.” Copy an image and paste into word processing software. I used free Santa letterhead from yourgoldenticketblog.

2. Insert a text box onto the letterhead and write a letter to your nanny kid bragging about their accomplishments this past year. Explain why they are on the top of Santa’s Nice List. I used ideas from NoellaDesigns to help chose what to say.

3. Print out a Nice List Certificate to prove to your nanny kid that she has officially made Santa’s Good List. I used a certificate from thedailygoodiebag to print a Good List Certificate.

Finally, avoid EZ Santa Letters! And if you have any ideas what I should do to recover money from this scam business please let me know.

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