Fishing for Rhymes

Fishing for Rhymes Best Nanny NewsletterCreative Card Game

Use index cards to create a deck of rhyming cards. The deck should be made up of at least 15 rhyming pairs (see our list below). Write one word per card. When the deck is complete, pass out four cards to each player. Explain that the object of the game is to make the most pairs of rhyming cards.

Begin the game by asking the child for a card that rhymes with a card in your hand, For example, if you have a card that has the word “bat” on it, you would ask, “Do you have a card that rhymes with “hat?” if the child has a card that rhymes, he or she must give you the card. If not, they will say, “Go fish,” and you may draw a new card from the deck.

You Will Need:

30 Index Cards

List of Possible Rhyming Pairs:

bat, cat
fun, sun
hot, got
cub, sub
band, hand
king, ring
ball, fall
fair, pair
well, bell
fail, sail
date, gate
sack, back
mound, hound
blow, glow
crow, grow
quit, skit

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