6 Gifts to Give Your Nanny This Week

national-nanny-rec-week-best-nanny-newlsetterNational Nanny Recognition Week Doesn’t Have to Cost Much

Since 1998, the last week in September has been marked as National Nanny Recognition Week. It doesn’t take much to feel appreciated by my Nanny Family. I confess, it makes me feel great when they say “Thank You,” “Have a great day,” or simply do random acts of kindness.

Here are 6 best gift ideas to give your nanny this week:

1. Gifts Made by the Kids
Nothing is sweeter and more meaningful for a nanny than receiving a heartfelt card or gift made by the kids. They can decorate a mug picked up at the craft store, draw a card, or bake treat to give her when she arrives to work one morning this week.

2. Paid Time-Off
Arrive home early and let your nanny off. Or better yet, give him a paid day off this week.

3. Gift Card
Giving the gift of relaxation or indulgence is well appreciated. Depending on what your nanny loves you might give her a gift card for Starbucks, manicure and pedicure, or a massage.

4. Create a Thankly
Make a list of all the reasons you appreciate your nanny and go to Thankly to create a Thank You message to send to your nanny and to send viral on social media.

5. Pay for Nanny Conferences
Nothing motivates a nanny more than attending nanny conferences and nanny training workshops. I highly recommend giving your nanny a membership to a professional nanny organization and offer to help pay for your caregiver to attend the annual conference. Your nanny will come home refreshed, inspired, educated, and excited to use all she learned at her job. You can also pay for her to attend Nannypalooza which is a wonderful weekend of education and training for in-home childcare providers.

6. Subscription to Nanny Magazine
Digital subscriptions are free and printed issues are also available.

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