Mr. Milker: Helpful or Hype?

aaaMilk Feeding Garment

I don’t breastfeed the infants left in my care. The mother that hires me typical expresses her milk and I bottle feed babies. I feel holding the baby and feeding them without other distractions allows me to bond just fine with little ones. I always assumed fathers, grandparents, and other caregivers all feel the same way.

But, the makers of Mr Milker say that “Breastfeeding Envy” is what many psychologists are now saying is the most common and least-discussed concern among today’s young parents. They say it’s happening everywhere and fathers are not speaking out. They suggest with this male breastfeeding garment they wouldn’t need to feel breastfeeding envy.

But I’m thinking the breastfeeding garment could be cumbersome and actually act more as a barrier between the father and the infant. But, I have never used one so cannot say with confidence if breast feeding garments are helpful or hype.

What do you think? Is a breastfeeding garment helpful or hype?

Mr Milker, Now Men Can Breastfeed

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