Autumn Leaves by Ken Robbins

aaaWeekly Trip to the Library

Prepare kids for fall nature walks with this bright, informative celebration of leaves by Ken Robbins. Acclaimed photographer Ken Robbins lets the blazing colors of 13 North American deciduous trees shine without technical assistance. Robbins provides life-sized reproductions of leaves, shown clearly against a white background, making it easy to recognize their distinctive characteristics, and accompanies each leaf with a photograph of the tree or its branches in a natural setting.

Minimal text gives simple information and suggests references that help readers remember what they see: the fan-shaped leaves of the gingko were once eaten by dinosaurs; some sassafrass leaves look like mittens. The smoke tree, maple, linden, birch, yellow poplar, and fern are among the trees featured. A page on photosynthesis explains the mystery of autumn, using correct terminology to describe the natural chemicals that give the dying leaves their color.

After collecting leaves on a nauture hike, identify them with this book and do some of these projects with the kids.

You can purchase this book by clicking the links below:

Autumn Leaves

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