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I love visiting teacher’s blogs and getting ideas to find fun ways to teach the kids in my care.

Last week we described how to have fun teaching preschool children letters doing projects with A Letter of the Week. This week we recommend teaching older children A Word a Week with a worksheet I found on a teacher’s blog.

Simply use this worksheet as a visual guide to challenge your charge. Look up the definition of the word together in a children’s dictionary. Look through magazines and catalogs for pictures of the word or have the child draw pictures of the word.

List antonyms and synonyms of the word (if they exist) and have the child construct sentences with the word.

Find the word during the week when you read books and use it when speaking about topics all week long.

See how many times she can use that phrase or word throughout the week. Give the child a “wink” when you hear the word so she knows you realized the effort they made in order to say it aloud and use it correctly.

Reference: MrsRojasTeaches

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