The Baby Mop: Helpful or Hype?

aaaProduct Review Sunday

A nanny contacted me asking me if I thought the Baby Mop would make a cute baby shower gift. I personally would be hesitant to give the product as a gift since the concept of a baby romper being a mop really distrubs me. Granted, kids crawl on the floor and may get dirty. But making their clothing a mop to pick up dirt just grosses me out.

The makers say your floor will stay clean all by itself by using the mobility of a baby. The Baby Mop is available in size 80 which is a metric size that matches most babies in the crawling age, which is between eight- and 12-months.

What do you think? Does the onesie make a cute baby shower gift or tacky to suggest a baby clean the floors while they crawl?

You can purchase the Baby Mop by clicking any of the links above or below:

BABYMOP – Great Combo: Cleaning Mop + Rompers = Babymop! Buy the Original – Since 2004




Baby Mop – The Original As Seen on TV! (6-9 months, Boys)


  1. I would assume something like this was a joke, and as a joke it would be an amusing gift. I wouldn’t usually dress a baby in it, but then I wouldn’t usually dress them a Christmas Elf either.

    As something to be actually used as a cleaning product? Yuck! Maybe mop socks for older children, but not babies.

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