Mom, I Love You Because… Flap Card

aaaMother’s Day Card

Mother’s Day is this weekend. The parents you work for will appreciate it if you help their children make cards for the holiday. When making cards there’s no need to spend money because you can just use the supplies your Nanny Family already has in the house. This is a great card to make with older kids who can write and not get frustrated when illustrating the keepsake for their mother. Make the handprint card we made last week with younger siblings.

You Will Need:bbb

Card Stock Paper, (colored or white)
Paper Cutter
Ribbon (optional)
Markers and Pencil

What to Do:

1. Cut four strips of paper the same size. We used 4-inch by 8-inch but you can try any long rectangle size you like.

2. Lay the paper in a stack, but stagger it as shown to the right.ccc

3. Fold the stack in half. Staple the sheets of paper at the crease.

4. Write a reason the child loves his or her mother on each flap. Then allow the child to illustrate each page.

5. Tie a thin ribbon around crease of card, making a bow on the cover of the card.

Idea from
Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg


  1. Unknown says:

    I love this so much and I am going to make it for my grandma. It’s so cute and thoughtful. Instead of me drawing an illustrations I’m going to print out pictures of my grandma and I doing the illustration. So of I write because she’s funny I will print a picture of her and I having a funny moment.

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