Blubber by Judy Blume

aaaBook Review by Kids for Kids
Review By Lizzie, 9-Years-Old

We have been talking about bullying in school. So, my nanny recommended I read Blubber by Judy Blume and discuss it with her. I am glad I did because I never want to be a bully and hope I can stand up to a bully if I am ever teased.

This book is about five bullies who hate Linda, an overweight girl, and made up a mean name for her. They call Linda, “Blubber.”

The meanest girl of all is Wendy because she makes fun of everyone she hates. One mean thing Wendy did was take all Linda’s clothes in the bathroom. Some other mean things Wendy did was make up a list of how to make fun of Blubber. She told her friends to hold their noses when Linda walked by and make her say, “I am Blubber, the smelliest whale of class 206.”

When you read this book it’s good to ask yourself what you would do if you were Wendy and what you would do if you were Linda? Would you be mean or would you be nice? Would you stand up for yourself if you were picked on? What do you think will happen at the end of the book?

My favorite part was when a girl’s dress was itchy and she itched all the way to the Bar Mitzvah in New Jersey. I liked this part because when I went to my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah was very, very itchy and everyone was laughing at me because I was itching all over.

I think it’s a great book. I think the book is good for children who have problems with their friends and they can relate the story to their life. It’s fun to read because it’s interesting to see what happens to the characters. I recommend this book to kids who have trouble with their friends and we all have trouble with our friends sometimes.

You can purchase the book by clicking any of the link above or below:


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