Footprint Ladybugs, Butterflies and Bluebirds

Grandparent’s Day Footprint Cards

This upcoming Sunday, September 7 is Grandparents Day. There is no need to buy a pricey card to celebrate the occasion. Instead, make these cute craft card ideas from nanny and mother Heather Marincovich with the kids. This is a super project to do with babies since they cannot draw yet but you can still give the grandparents something from their grandchildren. Here is how to make these cute cards:

You Will Need:

Washable paints
Heavyweight paper
Paint brushes
Bins of soapy water or bathtub
Paper towels
Sharpie marker

Ladybug Footprint (see above)

When making a card, fold a piece of paper in half then reopen the paper and lay if flat on the floor. If just making a picture, there is no need to fold the paper. Paint the child’s foot with red paint. Stamp the red foot on the left side of the card which will be the cover of the card (or center it on the paper if just making a sign). To make more ladybugs paint the foot again with more red paint. Flip the paper around so the lady bug will be in a different direction and stamp the foot on the paper. Repaint the foot as many times as you wish to make as many bugs as you wish. Clean the foot by dipping in a bin of soapy water or in a bathtub and dry with paper towels. Paint black paint on the child’s finger and let them stamp black dots on the red foot on the paper. Wash the child’s hand. Once dry use a black Sharpie marker to draw antennas and legs on the lady bugs. Write the message for grandparents with markers.

Butterfly Footprint

Use purple, pink, and light blue paint to make butterflies. Fold the paper into a card and unfold it before placing it flat on the floor or don’t fold the paper if you are just making a sign. Paint the child’s feet with purple paint and stamp them on the paper. Have the toes facing up with the arches facing out and the heels touching one another to make butterfly wings. Then repeat with other colors of paint for different colored butterflies. Wash the child’s feet by putting them in a bin of water or in a bathtub. After paint dries, use a Sharpie marker to draw the body and antennas of the butterflies. Use markers to write a message for the grandparents.

Bluebird Footprint

If making a card, fold a piece of paper in half then reopen the paper and lay if flat on the floor. If just making a sign just put the heavyweight paper on the floor. Paint the child’s foot with blue paint. Stamp the child’s foot on the paper. Once dry, use paint or markers to draw the wings, beak, eye, and branch for the bird to stand on. Soak the child’s foot in bin of soap and water or in the bathtub. Use markers to write a nice message to the grandparents.

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