Paper Roll Binoculars

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My youngest charge loves birds. She’s too young to entrust with real binoculars when bird watching. So, it was easy to make these pretend binoculars and they have provided hours of creative fun this summer as we have taken them along on nature hikes to identify birds. If you do not want to entrust the kids in your care with a real pair of binoculars, consider working together to make a pretend pair. They will love decorating the toy that will provide hours of imaginative fun.

What You Need:
• Two empty toilet paper tubes
• Crayons
• Stapler and/or tape
• Single-hole punch
• Yarn
• Scissors

What to Do:

1. Allow the child to color the toilet paper tubes. I printed out a coloring picture of a bird and let my little one color in the bird and then we pasted it to the cardboard rolls at the end of the project.

2. Staple or tape the tubes together. They should be placed side by side and stapled or taped along the length of their touching sides.

3. Punch two holes in the viewing end of the binoculars. These should be at the same end and there will be one hole in each tube. The holes should be on the outside of the two tubes.

4. Thread the yarn through the holes. Leave enough extra that the binoculars may easily be slipped over the neck for safekeeping.


  1. Awesome idea, so simple but I bet hours of fun!

  2. Very cute


  1. […] paper rolls, cut empty paper towel rolls in half to create two toilet-paper-roll-sized tubes. Click here to see how we made binoculars out of paper towel […]

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