End of Summer Water Fun

Sprinkler Games

Even if kids don’t have a pool in their backyard there is still time to get them outside and play in the water to cool off during the end of summer heat and humidity. Running through the sprinkler is tons of fun but adding these fun games will engage the kids for hours. So have them put on their bathing suits and grab all the water toys you can find and enjoy the following sprinkler games with the kids left in your care.

Umbrella Singing in the Rain:

Let the kids use an umbrella on a sunny day! Kids love colorful children’s umbrellas. My charges had a blast using their favorite umbrellas with their sprinklers even on a sunny day!

Simon Says:

Modify the game Simon Says to use in the sprinkler such as, “Simon says get your hair wet,” “Simon says get your feet wet,” and “Simon says run in a circle around the sprinkler.”

Play Catch:

Let the kids use the Sponge Balls you made last week or Nerf balls to one another to get really wet. Or use a light weight rubber ball and have the kids try to throw it to one another through the sprinkler.

Pretend Car Wash:

Let the kids pretend the sprinkler is a car wash. Have the kids scrub down their bicycles and then push them through or around the sprinkler to get clean.

Sprinkler Freeze

This is a game for a group of children to play. Place a sprinkler in the yard. Rotating sprinkler heads, where the sprinkler does not spray in the same area the entire time, make this game even more fun. Turn the sprinkler on. Play progresses like regular freeze tag. When a player is tagged, she must freeze until he is unfrozen. If the child moves while frozen, then she is out of the game. The challenge of this version of the game is for the player to remain still while the sprinklers are spraying her. The last unfrozen player wins. The player who is “it” can also win by freezing all other players.

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