Making Sponge Balls

Squeeze all the fun you can get out of summer with these great handmade water toys! Growing up my mom used to make them all the time for us and they were way better than the mono colored water balls other kids got from the store. And, I realize now, cheaper too! So grab a few extra sponges from under the sink, head to the dollar store, or click the links below to make this ultra colorful, creative water toy.

What You Need (Makes 2):

Four colorful sponges
Four rubber bands

What to Do:

1. Start by cutting each sponge into four strips. You can let older kids do this themselves.

2. Next pick 2 strips of each color and arrange them as alternating colors as a bunch in your hands. You can let the kids pick out specific colors for a more personalized sponge ball.

3. Wrap a rubber band around the bunch, doubling up if needed to keep it tight.

4. Separate out the sponge pieces so they are pointing every which direction. It may help to tie another rubber band around the bunch perpendicular to your last rubber band.

5. Follow steps 2 to 4 for you second sponge ball.

6. Now just hand off to the kids and have them dip it into the water to watch it expand. Now is a great time to explain the science behind sponges! Or to just let them go play.

References: Photos by Stephanie Felzenberg 


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