Making “Egg Pie”

Easy Recipe for Quiche Lorraine The children I care for love anything that they can call pie. So as a yummy lunch, dinner, or treat I often make them Quiche Lorraine, but I tell the kids I am serving them “Egg Pie.” Here’s an easy recipe for Quiche Lorraine / Egg Pie I found at […]

At What Age Should You Stop Letting Kids Win at Every Game?

Teaching Kids to Lose Gracefully The 13-year-old I care for has been complaining about another friend who is a terrible poor-sport. When the teen I care for was moved up in rank at soccer camp his “friend” jealousy gossiped to others that my charge isn’t a good enough player that didn’t deserve to be moved […]

Nanny Confessions: Don’t be Shy About Telling People Not to Smoke In Front of Your Charges

How to Ask People Not to Smoke When Caring for Kids Everyone knows that secondhand smoke is harmful to children. But it’s also hard to confront people. Although I used to try to hold my breath and ignore it when someone smoked because I didn’t want to be rude, I am now convinced it’s okay […]

Service as a Profession: Standards for Household Managers

A Household Manager Understands Service as an Expertise For many years I have been saying (and writing) that nannies are in a service industry. As children grow and family needs change some nannies are willing to adapt their job duties as childcare provider to become household managers. In Mary Starkey’s Original Guide to Household Management: […]

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

Use Filtered Water: Bottled Water Doesn’t Make the Grade In 2011 the Environmental Working Group (EWG) published a bottled water scorecard. The highest grade they gave was an A and only type of water to get the highest grade is filtered water. Bottled water did not get a high grade. Click here to see dangers […]

Summer Learning: Africa, Anansi the Spider and the Ashanti

Weekly Trip to the Library I care for three kids all of different ages. The three-year-old girl I care for was frightened of spiders so I borrowed the following books from the library to help her face her fear and now she loves spiders. Her 10-year-old brother is obsessed with the rain forest, while their teen brother loves […]

Making Pizza Bagels with Kids

Cooking for Kids What kid doesn’t love pizza? Who doesn’t love bagels? Kids love making pizza bagels as much as eating them. Below we describe how to make a basic pizza bagel but nannies can mix it up and use other ingredients to make other types of pizza bagels as well. For example, to make a barbecue chicken […]

Making Vacation Journals with Kids

from Writing, Drawing, and Painting Help Record Trips and Outing with Kids Journaling can be a wonderful part of a family vacation or outing. Writing and drawing foster a connection with the natural world around you, while creating a lasting memento. With a flexible interpretation of what journaling is, children of all ages can participate. […]

Summer Science: Making Floam

Creative Wednesdays Incorporating learning into the summer benefits the children. If done properly, the kids will will be having so much fun they won’t know they are having lessons at home. Making Floam is a great science lesson and is a great medium for kids to create with when they are tired of the same […]

Why Not Just Hang Up Your Phone?

Nanny Confessions: Stay off Your Cell While Out with the Kids This Summer In 2011 we asked 27 nanny industry experts if nannies should be allowed to text and use their cell phones while working. An overwhelming number of the experts recommend limiting personal cell phone use and personal texting while working. Some actually suggest […]