Why Not Just Hang Up Your Phone?

Nanny Confessions: Stay off Your Cell While Out with the Kids This Summer

In 2011 we asked 27 nanny industry experts if nannies should be allowed to text and use their cell phones while working. An overwhelming number of the experts recommend limiting personal cell phone use and personal texting while working. Some actually suggest nannies should never use their mobile phones to make personal calls or texts while working.

All nannies’ priority is safety of the children in their care. The concern is that whenever nannies are talking, texting, or surfing on their cell phones, they are distracted.

We all know the dangers of texting or chatting on cell phones while driving. But multi-tasking when caring for kids always puts the children’s safety at risk. For example, when nannies are texting or calling friends on their mobile phones they are distracted when crossing streets, riding bicycles, in a parking lot, in a museum, at the playground, and at the pool.

Plus, it’s rude when nannies text friends and visit social media on their mobile phones during playdates instead of socializing with the nannies in their presence.

Of course, as with most things in like, balance is key. Cell phones are a great way to keep in touch with parents, for making playdates with the children’s friends, and in case of emergency. But always remember, the parents aren’t paying nannies to take photos of the kids or text friends. Nannies are paid to nurture children and keep kids safe.

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