Outdoor Water Activity: Bike Wash

aaaWednesday with Whitney

Water play is key during hot summer days. Keep the kids cool with this fun water activity published by Parents Magazine. Invite all the kids in the neighborhood to bring their trikes, scooters, and strollers along too.

What You Need:

Bike, trike, or even a bunch of small matchbox cars
Washable markers
Lots of water!


1. Start by letting the little ones color all over their “vehicle(s)” with washable markers. They’ll give you a crazy look, but their car needs to get “dirty” somehow, right?

bbb2. Next take them outside and let them fill up their various buckets — some with soap, some without.

3. Help them lather up their bike with lots of soapy suds! The water spills all over them? Great! That’s one less bath you have to give later!

4. Rinse off the bike with all the non-soapy water. Let the kids splash the water as much as they want — it is summer after all!

5. Finish off the bike wash with lots of towels for the bikes and kids both!

Reference: Don’t forget to stop by next Wednesday for another fun project by Whitney Tang. Whitney is co-founder and editor of Nanny Magazine. Take her survey for nannies at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BZYJVMB

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