Be Patient with Your New Nanny

Nanny Confessions: Starting a New Job is Difficult

The first days and weeks of a new nanny job can be fun and exciting, but it is also stressful. Nannies have so much to learn about the parents, kids, and the home that they need the parents and the kids to be patient with them. What comes naturally for the parents when caring for their own children is literally unknown to the new caregiver.

New nannies have tons to learn. They have to learn each child’s favorite songs, foods, games, activities, and lovies (such as security blanket or doll) to help them bond with the children. They have to meet the neighbors, friends, and other nannies as well. New nannies have to learn about any and all allergies and treatment protocols needed for each child that will be left in their care.

They have to find out where the fire extinguishers are, where the main water can be turned off, how to use the fuse box, and alarm systems. New employees have to learn how to adjust the heat and air conditioning in the home.

New employees are learning how to get to the grocery stores, parks, schools, and pediatrician’s office. Nannies will be running errands and trying to learn the family’s favorite foods and products as well.

Nannies need the parents (their new employers) to be patient and open with them to make the transition into a new nanny job go more smoothly.

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