Affects of Hurricane Sandy for this Blog

Since I started this blog in 2008 I have posted an article each day. But, I live and work in New Jersey and due to the affects of Hurricane Sandy I simply need to focus on keeping the kids I care for warm and healthy today.  Rather than posting articles I will be focusing on helping the kids cope with not having heat and power. Then, I will try to find gas. I will post articles again after things get back to normal. I hope you and your loved ones are okay.


  1. We have not spoken to family in lower manhattan. I am so scared for them. Best wishes for you and your loved ones.

  2. My heart goes out to you, the children in your care, their parents, family, friends, & loved ones.

  3. Dear Editor,I just want to let you know that this is my favorite resource as a nanny. I have been subscribing for as long as I have been a nanny. I try to read your blog daily and do almost everyday. I just saw a woman crying on the news from Long Island. She was crying that they feel they have been forgotten. You aren't forgotten but I can see how you feel that way since you aren't getting the supplies you need. I pray you get power, heat, food and gasoline soon. You aren't forgotten although it's hard to see that when people argue about bullshi_ about politics and Halloween. You will pull through. Can't hardly believe this is happening in the modern world in the busiest area in the world. I hope your supplies come soon and you can get back to life soon.

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