Just 9-Days Left to Help Nanny Raise Money to Get Her Children’s Book Published

Fornax, the Friendly Toothbrush by Tiffaney Stoehr

The children’s book Fornax, the Friendly Toothbrush takes kids inside a young boys fantasy, wherein he imagines his teeth as an amazing playground that needs to b cleaned.

The author, Tiffaney Stoehr, has been in the professional child care business for over 15-years. After writing educational and training manuals for companies, she is now writing her own children’s book.

She wrote Fornax, the Friendly Toothbrush  because while working as a nanny she always had a hard time getting the kids she cared for to brush their teeth. She started telling the kids the story about Fornax the friendly toothbrush, to get them to brush their teeth. She has been telling this story for many years and has finally decided to write it down so that she can share it with everyone.

With your support, she hopes to make it into a book that can shipped out to kids all over the world. The money raised will cover the illustration, printing, binding, publishing, and the fulfillment of the rewards. If she raises more money then the $7000, she can make an animated ebook for kids to enjoy.

She had 30-days to raise $7,000, but now there are only nine-days left. If she raises $7,000 the money will be used to publish her book.

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